Snow Removal

Snow Removal


Our snow removal services are always complete within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall or after 48 hours after a substantial snowfall of more than 5 cm. We do daily visits during periods of extended snowstorms and ice removal after freezing rain hits.

We have many pricing options available to suit your needs and budget. Choose from unlimited monthly service packages with ice melt included or monthly contracts. Our snow removal season ends March 31st, but we can extend it up to April 15th, depending on the weather.


Snow Removal Pricing

For front-facing garages, pricing is as follows:

  • No driveway $100
  • Single car driveway $125
  • Two car driveway $150
  • Three car driveway $175

For sideways garages, pricing is as follows:

  • Two car $200
  • Three car $225

There is an additional charge of $15 for corner lots. For four or more car driveways and backyard and deck snow removal, please call us for a quote.


We provide the same high quality of care and attention to detail for large commercial lots as we do for residential properties. Our commercial snow removal packages include snow removal within 24 hours of the snow ending and daily visits for extended snowstorms. We can apply ice melt or gravel for an additional charge. Our prices for commercial properties vary depending on the size of your lot.

Snow Removal Edmonton

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