With the oncoming summer, property owners are excited to revamp their home or commercial property landscapes once again. After all, who doesn’t love the sight of a beautifully manicured landscape for them to enjoy? However, designing a landscape is much more complex than you may think and even without knowing many, landscapers are likely to simply emulate some popular trends blindly without knowing that they are not the best trends to follow. Here is a list of top landscaping trends that you need to swap creatively.


There is no doubt that all of us enjoy the sight of steady flowing water in the backyard. It just completes the picturesque sight that we envision for our backyard. However, when it comes to adding a waterfall to your backyard, it is advisable not to follow the trend blindly. For a waterfall, you need a huge amount of groundwork, literally and figuratively. Instead, opt for a more workable and small scale solution such as installing a fountain. Of course, you still need to make sure that the drainage, water supply and other aesthetic parameters are taken care of. Plus, constant maintenance is a must if you want to enjoy the joy of having a fountain in your backyard. But it is worth it, especially if you have an experienced landscaper who can easily guide you with it.

Native Plants

Many landscapers promise to bring native plants to your own backyard and we admit that the idea seems very interesting. Although the trend to plant native plants is definitely exciting, it is still important to let your landscaper investigate the quality of your soil and chooses the right native plants that are most likely to thrive in your backyard. The truth is that not all plants will thrive and you need to be wary of blindly planting native plants. In most likelihood, some plants may not be tolerant of your soil type, while some others may grow rampantly like a weed and spoil the look of your garden completely. A good landscaping company will be able to tell you exactly which plants are suitable for your garden.


Wanting to add colour to your garden is great but you still need to make sure that the colour combination and placements are appropriate. Be sure to discuss preferences with your landscaper so that they know what colours to use for your landscape.

To make sure that your landscaping turns out to be a long-term investment which adds to the curb appeal and value of your home you can follow the trends but also adopt a personalized approach. Work with a landscaper who is aware of the trends and knows how to incorporate them creatively in your landscape to match your preference and taste. Choose a reliable and creative landscaper like Edmonton based Hawksly Knight Industries to add a personal touch to your landscape.