Having a beautiful outdoor space is a nice thought but not always easy to achieve because it takes a lot to maintain a nice garden. It is not difficult to transform your current outdoor space into the garden you’ve always dreamt of with a little effort and the right tips.  Knowing where to start is often the hardest part because it’s tough to deal with nature. The thought of taking continuous care of your landscape can feel overwhelming. Ideally, you want to achieve a garden that is beautiful but also functional so that you can use it and enjoy it. An outdoor space that looks appealing is of no use if you can only stare at it. The following tips can help you whenever you’re ready to take on this project:

  1. Balance is important to create a pleasing symmetry within your garden. The space will look neat and inviting. You can choose to have a more relaxed asymmetrical design too, depending on your taste. Whatever option you choose, balance is a key element for the look of your outdoor space as a whole or allow more focus on one specific area to highlight a specific element.
  2. Consider the space between the elements. You can position different elements of your garden closely together to create unity or space them far apart to give it a different character and create a sense of a bigger space.
  3. Keep the element of alignment in mind because it will affect your garden visually. Aligning elements will give your outdoor space a more formal look whereas the opposite will enhance natural character. Decide which one appeals to you more so that you can work on a structured garden with more focus.
  4. Create a sense of rhythm by incorporating repetition. Repeat some elements like colour or texture to create a better balance, design and harmony. Repetition also helps you maintain uniform beauty throughout the garden. It makes your eyes wander all over the area as the repeated elements grab your attention.
  5. Incorporate contrast into the design to emphasize your favourite areas. A great way of doing this is by choosing plants and flowers of different colours contrast with the bricks on your walkway. This will allow the different varieties of plants to stand out and capture the beauty of your garden.

Achieving a perfect landscape is not easy but Hawksly Knight Industries can help. If you’re in the Edmonton area and need assistance with lawn care, landscaping or snow removal, give us a call today to have the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.