Curb appeal adds considerable resale value to your home. Most home buyers are quick to fall in love with a property that looks well-kept and beautiful inside out, right from the entrance to the backyard. Similarly, a home with an ill-kept yard can be a turn-off, no matter how beautiful the rest of the home is. A little investment in pruning up your yard can go a long way in maximizing returns. Adding as little as 10% of the value of the home in landscaping is known to have spiked up value by as much as 100% or more. 

3 Ways to Landscape Your Home

Add Colour: Extensive landscaping can turn prospective home buyers away as much as an unkempt yard simply because it’s considered intimidating. It signals extra effort and high costs on maintenance. Simple ways to keep your yard neat and clean is more effective. Keep weeds away, for instance. Pull them out without using chemicals. Line up pretty potted plants and colourful seasonal flowers near the entrance, on the patio, around the pool and deck. Keep the lawn well mowed, moist and green.

Hardscaping: Invest in hardscaping when you are preparing it for the market. Add a stone pathway to the patio. This instantly refreshes it with a neat, modern look but remains low maintenance. Build retaining walls, a fire feature or a gazebo to define the area as a warm, welcoming outdoor sitting space. Retaining walls prevent erosion and help the landscape from getting damaged. Light up the patio and pathway with attractive additions. A tiered retaining wall with a staggered staircase can become a strong selling point for your home.

Mulch the Edges: Mulching is a simple, effective, affordable way to lift the look of your garden. There are several alternatives for low-cost mulching;

  • Rake up grass clippings, fallen leaves and dried branches in the fall season and lay them out on your flower beds. They are a cheap source of nutrients for your plants, too. 
  • Pine needles are a low-maintenance mulch alternative. They are lightweight, provide a soft bed and look neat. 
  • Stone mulch can reduce weeding and maintenance costs. They work best around in-ground pools, decks, narrow beds beside the pathway and traffic islands. They won’t wash up on the pathways in rainy weather, unlike wood chips. 

Hawksly Knight Industries, Edmonton

Need help in lawn care maintenance or landscaping? Our experts at Hawksly Knight Industries are happy to give you a hand. We have been creating inviting landscapes in Edmonton for several years through professional lawn maintenance, fall and spring clean-up, as well as snow removal. Our landscaping ideas can help you enjoy high returns when selling your home. Call us to discuss our affordable packages.